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A Game Of Taboo Words

Taking turns, a player from each team will describe a word / phrase to their teammates, without saying any of the 5 related FORBIDDEN words. A player from the opposite team will monitor to make sure the forbidden words aren't used. Have your team guess as many words as they can before you run out of time. Once every player has gotten a turn, the team with the most points wins!

download link from the app store

Sumo POP

4 Player Sumo Party Game!

Sumo POP is the most colorful and kawaii (Japanese for "cute") local multiplayer party game on the App Store! Play with up to 4 friends on a single device, or face off against our AI sumo masters! Push your opponents out of the ring to win the round! First to win 3 rounds wins the game!

download link from the app store

Word Race


Word Race is the most frustratingly addictive (word) game you've ever played! Find as many words as you can as the puzzle constantly changes! Letters zoom past the screen as your poor tapping finger struggles to keep up. Correct words add time to the clock. Incorrect words drain the clock. A Word Race can last 3 seconds, or it can last 3 hours! It all depends on how crazy your word skills are!

download link from the app store
Cartoon Bear

Thank You

FreeSFX and AudioJungle:

For the sound effects. (Word Race & Sumo POP)

Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech: 

For the theme song! (Word Race)


Kimberly Geswein: 

For the amazing fonts! (All games BC they're perfect)



For the awesome artwork! (Forbidden)

About Us

Red Couch Apps is a mobile gaming company based in Miami Lakes, Florida. We aim to create fun experiences you can enjoy with friends, family, and those you love. 


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